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Eric Louis is an expert in dog behavior and training. He is a past President of the CNYSPCA and has taught The Mind of the Dog course at Cazenovia College. His graduate research focuses on communication between dogs and people. He has completed observations of the captive wolf pack at Wolf Park, Battleground, Indiana. He has presented research in dogs’ abilities in interpreting human vocal emotions at both the National Conference of the Animal Behavior Society and the International Society for Anthrozoology. He has been an invited seminar presenter at the New York State Association of Animal Health Technicians, a guest lecturer at the Animal Behavior class at Binghamton University, and an invited speaker at several kennel clubs, training organizations, and humane societies. He also developed and co-presented the Pets Are Good Therapy seminar at St. Luke’s Hospital, Utica, and developed and implemented pet therapy programs at the Benjamin Rush Psychiatric Center and the Jewish Home of Central New York.

Eric and his dogs have competed in agility, obedience, tracking, and confirmation in the United States and Canada (AKC, CKC). He and his dogs have received multiple High in Trials and have completed multiple titles including Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog, Tracking Dog, Masters Agility, Masters Jumpers with Weaves, the Schutzund II degree, National Ranking for Belgian Sheepdogs, and the Dog World Magazine Award of Canine Distinction.

Through Seven Valley Pet Services, Eric Louis has provided people and their pets with the highest quality training and behavior services since 1982.


To download a class registration form click here or click the button below. Reserve a space for you and your dog by returning the registration form along with a $25.00 deposit. Mail to: Seven Valley Pet Services, 4830 South Road, Cazenovia, NY  13035. We limit class size to provide you with maximum individual attention.  For more information or questions please call us at 315 655-5774.


Love your dog! Our goal is to help people develop their dogs’ manners and positively train behavior for a lifetime!

Group Classes

Our 5-week Good Dog Basic training course is a great beginning for any dog or puppy over 12 weeks of age. In addition to teaching basic commands, we emphasize important life skills for any dog or puppy in a structured group setting. The course include coming when called, walking on a loose leash, leadership, jumping up, puppy mouthing, attention getting, rewarding the right behaviors, and helping your dog learn to listen when distracted. The group setting provides a great opportunity for socialization and the benefit of distractions. The total course fee of $135.00 includes written class summaries and a collar and leash.

Philosophy & Training Director

Love your dog! Our goal is to help people develop their dogs’ manners and control skills to positively shape behavior for a lifetime. Eric Louis is an expert in dog behavior and training and has provided the highest quality training & behavior services since 1982. He is a past President of the CNYSPCA and taught The Mind of the Dog through Cazenovia College Extended Learning.

Behavior Problems

Do you love your dog but sometimes find yourself frustrated by their behavior? We can help! We specialize in helping owners find practical solutions to successfully manage and modify their dog’s behavior. We offer in-home consultations for many behavior problems including housetraining, separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, excessive reactivity, attention seeking problems, and puppy, multiple pet, and general control concerns. Our rates are reasonable and the first consultation will provide immediate answers to your questions, detail a practical plan to address the problem behaviors, and typically includes hands-on training. Follow-up appointments, continued private training, or our group classes are often recommended. To speak with us to schedule an appointment please call (315) 655-5774.

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